Our Story

Our story goes WAY back to when we were just kids.

One of our grandparents owned a clothing boutique full of fancy garments. They always dressed her in poofy dresses, that made her legs itch and they were miserable to play in.

As children we loved it when our clothes were simple and comfortable. When we had to wear belts, and deal with zippers and snaps, they were not only a nuisance, but they were also uncomfortable and tight. We still try to avoid them as adults!

That is what inspired us to create a clothing brand that looks nice but more importantly, it's comfortable! 

We hear all the time that our clothes are the clothes in the closet that are worn. Both kids and parents pull our threads from the closet before other brands because its comfortable, cute and durable.

All of our fabrics are carefully sourced and free of all harsh chemicals or dyes and much of our clothing is high quality, 100% cotton. You won't find zippers, buttons, snaps or other fasteners on most of our clothes and waistbands are covered in soft, high-quality fabric to avoid irritating your child's sensitive skin.

Our clothes hold their shape, even after dozens of washings and most of our products come pre-laundered and garment dyed so that they won’t shrink or fade.

Plus, our clothing is made in the U.S.A.!