5 Easter & Passover Outfits That Let Kids Enjoy The Holiday

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Dressing your kids for the holidays can be a strenuous activity. Often, the *fancy* outfits are made solely with the *look* in mind, disregarding all other aspects that can make a garment great, most importantly – comfort.

Holiday outfits tend to be rough and itchy, and leave your kids feeling uncomfortable throughout all the festivities. It can be a big chore (often with tears) simply to get your kids into the outfits in the morning, and then, they may be left extra irritable for the remainder of the day, considering the fact that they simply don’t feel comfortable.

We believe holiday outfits can be comfy and cute and festive all at the same time. And a new holiday doesn’t mean you have to buy a new outfit – if you set your kids up with a base of classic and comfortable styles, in an array of solid colors, their wardrobes will have options for any holiday you celebrate.

Here’s some outfit inspo for Easter & Passover – and remember, you might already have some of these pieces in your kids’ wardrobes!

1) Boys Cotton Jersey Polo in Light Blue + Boys Cord Soft Stretch Pant in Khaki Brown
This is a great outfit to repeat – the collared shirt and the cord pants have a classic look, without the discomfort.

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2) Girls Short Sleeved Tier Dress in White + Girls Soft Button Down Cardigan in Bubblegum
This is a great pair – play with mixing and matching the colors or go for a monochromatic look.

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3) Baby Girls Ruffle Diaper Cover in Pink
This is the perfect addition to any baby girl’s look – the ruffles add a little extra flair and can make any onesie or dress feel more festive.

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4) Boys Cotton Long Sleeve Polo in Sea + Boys Cotton Jersey Pant in Dark Khaki
If it’s chillier where you live, opt for the long sleeve polo and pair it with the jersey pant, which look the classy part, while feeling like a pj pant.

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5) Girls Cotton Twirly Dress in Purple & Girls Cotton Leggings in Purple
You can’t go wrong with a twirly dress – it’s fun and festive, and makes a great partner to our cotton leggings. Choose your combo from all the colors of the rainbow.

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The best thing about all of these *holiday outfits* above is that they easily translate to great outfits for school, a performance, a nice dinner or any other holiday gathering. We strive to have our festive clothes be just as comfortable as pajamas. Once you build a core comfortable collection for your kids, they will be ready for any upcoming event. And instead of complaining, they might actually look forward to getting dressed.

Written By: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.