5 Ways To Ditch The Waste This Easter Season

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Easter can quickly feel like an overly excessive and wasteful event.

If you celebrate Easter (or partake in an annual egg hunt), you may have noticed how much *stuff* quickly accumulates throughout the festivities. From the plastic eggs to the candy wrappers to the seemingly disposable baskets and toys, celebrating this holiday can quickly feel like an overly excessive and wasteful event.

But it doesn’t have to – there are so many ways to reuse what you have the following year or invest in plastic free options. Not only can these alternatives reduce your overall waste, they can also help you save money annually.

Here’s some creative ways to ditch the Easter waste this season –

  • Reuse Last Year’s Goods Instead Of Tossing Them Out - Before you go out and buy a collection of fresh Easter loot, look at what you already have – can you reuse the baskets, the plastic eggs, the grass? Start with what you have on hand and supplement as needed.

  • Repurpose A Basket Or Find One Secondhand - Look around the house – do you have any baskets that could turn into *Easter baskets*? If not, search secondhand first. If you thrift baskets, they can be easily cleaned – dunk and swish in soapy water and let them air dry outside in the sun, and they are good as new.
  • Make Your Own Paper Grass (and reuse it) - If you’ve used plastic grass, you know how messy and pervasive it can be. Instead, try making your own with your kids. Let them choose their own construction paper color(s), cut it into thin pieces, fold it, and it’s ready to line their baskets.

  • Opt For Non-Plastic Eggs -Plastic eggs are everywhere – but luckily, the alternatives are endless. Nowadays, you can find options like paper eggs, homemade cardboard eggs, and natural fiber eggs. Chalk eggs are great (as your kids can use them after the hunt), or plan a family DIY session to naturally dye your own.

  • Think Outside The Candy Box - Often, we expect Easter baskets to be filled with candy. But when you open your mind,  there are so many other ideas (without the sugar). We love to include: bath bombs, stickers, a set of spring-colored PJs, a new swimsuit, or a pair of undies. If you want to include some candy, choose bulk candy instead of individually wrapped pieces to avoid extra waste.

Give yourself grace and take it one step at a time – and remember to store all your Easter decorations and baskets in a bin for the following year. It will save you time, energy, and money while helping you reduce your family’s overall waste.

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.