Angel & Devil DIY Halloween Costume

  • 1 min read

This is the perfect Halloween costume for a set of siblings who have completely opposite personalities. Not only is it good for siblings but also can be a cute idea as a couples outfit, friends, or really any two people.

This costume is super easy to assemble and the best part is the City Threads garments can be used all year round, score! All you'll need to pull off this look is the following:


Red devil ears Devils pitchfork (any local Walmart or Halloween store will have this)

Long sleeve peplum top (candy apple red)

Fleece stretch leggings (candy apple red)

Any black boots or shoes


Angel halo (local Halloween store, Walmart, or Amazon)

Fabric to create a "sash"(local fabric store)

Cotton Athletic pant (white)

Long Sleeve Jersey Tee (white)

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