Back To School

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What reminds you of the back to school season? Maybe it’s the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. Or the crunch of fallen leaves. Maybe it’s the shorter days and cooler temperatures (depending on where you live). Or maybe it’s a nervous excited feeling in your stomach in anticipation of what lies ahead. Most of all, many of us probably remember the thrill of back-to-school shopping for the year ahead.

In this era of consumerism and excessive email advertising, we are bombarded by all the things we need to buy or have to have. We often feel rushed to stock our children’s wardrobes right away before school starts. Our philosophy is that taking time to buy quality items that last, fit well, and get worn repeatedly, will serve everyone better than quickly buying numerous pieces that your child may or may not like, may not fit well, and may shrink too much and deteriorate in the wash. We recommend to take your time to figure out what you really need, and buy pieces that will have the most value to you.

Before you actually start shopping, we recommend taking a moment with your kid(s) to assess their closet(s). Here’s a few questions to ask:

1. What do they love to wear?

2. What doesn’t fit anymore?

3. What do they actually *need*?

Discovering these missing pieces empowers you to know what you’re looking for, before you head out into the shopping realm.

Once you’ve evaluated your closets, feel free to check out our Back To School collection.


And here’s a selection of some of our most popular Back To School styles –

By preparing for back-to-school shopping, we hope it helps reduce overbuying and also makes your overall shopping experience more successful.

Written by: Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.