Boys Swim Trunks + Swim Liners

  • 1 min read

With summer in full swing time outside and at the pool is a huge part of our time. We recently found City Threads boys swim liners and they’re amazing. My son is very picky with his clothing and he loves having “underwear” to wear with his swim trunks. Speaking of, we found a great and comfortable pair of swim trunks at City Threads as well. My son is always commenting how comfortable they are and breathable, which is a huge plus. We pair our liners with the swim trunks and it’s the perfect fit.

The swim trunks are the perfect length as well. Not too long or too short. If you’re wondering if the liner shows when wearing the swim trunks- the answer is NO! You can’t even tell. The liners also dry so quick so they’re not soaking wet and uncomfortable while my son is wearing them. I was afraid maybe once they were wet they'd wear him down and be uncomfortable but not at all.

If you’re looking for a great swim trunk and liner for your boys- check out City Threads. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Written By: Paige Myers