Eco Mom Tip - The Power Of Building A Party Kit

  • 2 min read

As a parent, this scenario may sound familiar –it’s your kid’s birthday, you’re scrambling to find all the things to put the party together, and you’re suddenly throwing all your *sustainability* values out the door, just to make it all happen in time for the big event.

We 100% get it – this is reality for so many of us parents. Putting together a party can prove overwhelming on top of all the other daily responsibilities. 

One thing we have learned over the years is the power of building a PARTY KIT. You may be asking – what in the world is a party kit!? It’s a bin, packed with all the necessities to pull off an amazing party. You store it, and whenever another party is on the horizon, you pull it out and instantly reduce your waste and your stress.


Here’s our top tips for building the best reusable party kit:

  • Find a large bin that can be used to store all of your supplies.
  • Add in a couple fabric or nylon tablecloths in a neutral or basic color that can easily be used across multiple events and themes.
    • Thrift stores can be gold mines when it comes to tablecloths!
  • Find a lower priced metal silverware set & serving spoons, that can be used over and over again (instead of the typical plastic options).
  • Buy a set of cloth napkins (in a neutral or basic color to match the tablecloths). This helps reduce the need for disposable paper napkins or paper towels.
  • Invest in cloth celebratory banners – we recommend having a “Happy Birthday” one, as well as a “Congrats” one to start. You can always add others down the line if and when it’s necessary.
  • Add in a couple ice buckets (to use for drinks at the party).
  • Invest in a set of reusable plates (depending on the size of the party, plates may also be a good option to buy in a paper or bamboo option – do what works best for you). 

Of course, we know you’ll need other things when hosting a party, but the Party Kit helps set you up with the basics every time. We really do believe that being more mindful in your lifestyle can not only help you reduce your waste, but also helps you save money and enjoy life’s moments more!

Stay tuned for more Mom Tips – focused on simple ways to integrate less wasteful actions into your family’s lifestyle.

Written by: City Threads Cofounder Shayna Samuels & Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.