How 100% Cotton Clothing Can Help People With Eczema and Psoriasis

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Boy wearing 100% cotton and having fun

When you’re suffering from any kind of skin disorder or sensitive skin condition, what you put on your skin, from products to clothing, can largely impact your basic comfort.

In today’s world, skin conditions are highly common, affecting 1 in 3 Americans, according to the National Center For Complementary And Integrative Health. In the U.S., 31.6 million individuals have at least one form of eczema, and psoriasis affects an estimated 7.5 to 8 million people.

According to the National Eczema Society, 100% cotton is the most commonly recommended textile for those with eczema to wear. And for psoriasis, WebMD recommends avoiding polyester and wool, and instead reaching for fabrics like cotton.

Whether you have a baby, toddler or kids with eczema or psoriasis, or as adults you are facing sensitive skin challenges, finding clothing that provides the best comfort is key.

Here’s why 100% cotton clothing could help reduce irritation for individuals with sensitive skin: 

  1. 100% Cotton Can Be Super Soft.
    When you choose the right 100% cotton clothing, it can be very soft. When you’re dealing with irritation on your skin from eczema or psoriasis, comfort is beyond important.

  2. 100% Cotton Boasts Breathability.
    Cotton is known for its breathability. In contrast to polyester or nylon fabrics, 100% cotton allows air to circulate better near the skin – this is important, especially for eczema, as heat and moisture from sweat can exacerbate symptoms.

  3. 100% Cotton Has Moisture Absorbing Properties.
    Cotton has natural moisture-wicking properties – the fiber can help absorb sweat and keep your body cool, reducing flare ups for people with sensitive skin.

4. 100% Organic Cotton Is Known To Have Hypoallergenic Qualities. Since organic cotton is grown without the use of harsh chemicals, these fabrics are less likely to trigger symptoms or create skin irritation for those with eczema, psoriasis or sensitive skin.

City Threads offers a diverse variety of both 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton styles for the whole family.

We even carry 100% cotton leggings for kids and women, which can be challenging to find. Find the best fit for your unique preferences, and ensure you have a wardrobe full of clothing that provides comfort.

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.