Kids Summer Safety Guide

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School’s out and your kids are home for the summer! This can be an exciting time for families to get outside and enjoy fun activities and adventures together.

At the same time, with anything, there are safety concerns. We’ve put together a Summer Safety Guide to help remind us as parents of the important things to be aware of to ensure our kids can stay as safe as possible over the summer months. 

With summertime comes a lot more time playing outdoors in the sun, at the beach or at the pool. Being outdoors can bring so much joy and excitement for you and your kids – and we just want to ensure they can stay safe throughout these experiences. 

Here’s 5 ways to ensure you’re prepared for a safe summer with your kids –

Reduce Your Kids’ Risk Of Sunburn

Sun safety is a priority during the summer months. Of course, sunscreen is a necessity – we recommend checking out the EWG’s Sunscreen Guide for top sunscreen picks that are safe and healthy for your kids’ skin. But sunscreen isn’t enough – it’s also key to have UPF 50+ protection through swimwear, rashguards and clothing. UPF 50+ is a standard used to measure sunburn protection. For City Threads’ UPF 50+ styles, no special treatments or chemicals are added to the fabrics – the UV protection exists naturally in the tight weave and thickness of the fabrics. Ensure you have a good collection of UPF 50+ rated styles for your kids – from 100% cotton basics to swimwear.

The Swimsuit Your Kids Wear Could Save Their Life

When it comes to swimming, safety is top of mind for most parents. Drowning can be a fear, and we want to ensure our kids stay as safe as possible. One tip is to dress your kids in swimwear that is most noticeable in pools. As The Bump writes, “Beyond a fashion statement, the color and pattern your child wears makes a big difference in their visibility while playing in the pool. Being able to spot your little one easily is important when it comes to preventing accidents and aiding in rescues.” Keep in mind that neon orange, yellow and green test the best for visibility in pools.

Pro Tip: put all your kids in the same color at the beach or pool, and it can be so much easier to spot them amidst the crowd.

Guidelines For Digging Holes At The Beach

Generally, when heading to the beach, water safety is top of mind. Turns out, there are important safety measures we should have in mind on the beach as well, specifically when it comes to digging holes in the sand. Due to tragic events, this important safety concern has become more discussed recently. When digging holes, there is the potential for that hole to collapse on top of kids. Experts recommend that if your kids are digging at the beach, the hole should not be deeper than the height of the knees of the shortest child. 

Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses In Your Kids

With the consistent rise in temperatures over recent years, heat exhaustion or other heat-related illnesses are a definite concern. Thinking ahead is key to avoiding heat-related illnesses. Always have water bottles for your kids and remind them to stay hydrated, dress them in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing (100% cotton clothing offers comfort and breathability), and remind your kids (and yourself) to slow down on extra hot days. Take your time and move slower as high heat can make us feel extra tired and irritable. 

A photo of Badger Anti-Bug Balm that includes organic ingredients.

Protect Your Kids From Bug Bites & Stings

The seasonal warmth can also bring out the bugs and bees. One thing you can do is use a bug spray or repellent, but keep an eye out for the ingredients to ensure they are healthy. Badger offers some great Deet-free options like their Bug Repellent Balm Stick and Bug Spray. Also, if walking through wooded areas or insect-prone spaces, have your kids wear long breathable pants, tucking them into their socks. When the bug bites do happen, try these cool natural remedies to soothe mosquito bites from healthline

Playing outside over the summer months is a quintessential part of childhood, complete with the creation of amazing memories. By keeping these tips in mind, we hope you and your family can enjoy these moments safely. Wishing you all a fun, happy and safe summer break!

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.