The Pros Of Having A Basic Clothes Go-To Brand For Essentials

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kids cozy by the fireplace in thermal 2 piece sets

As busy parents, it’s important to have your rolodex of go-to brands.

Searching for a go-to brand online is time consuming, and it can feel overwhelming to find the best products for ourselves and our kids.

Fortunately, online retailer City Threads understands the need for a reliable apparel brand that offers essential clothing for kids, men and women. They have dedicated their apparel line to building basic clothing styles that stand the test of time and are dependable.

Boy holding leafs in a comfy 100% cotton long sleeve tee shirt
Baby girl in organic onesie with a big pink bow

Here’s some of the reasons why shoppers consistently rely on City Threads for basic clothes:

Affordable & Accessible Quality Basic ClothingWhen you’re buying basic clothing, it’s important to find brands that offer affordable, accessibly priced options that are also high quality. City Threads focuses on this throughout their line – they also ensure natural fibers are easily available and that their clothing is durable, easily holding up to kids and the washing machine.

Evergreen Styles That Come Back Season After Season The best basic brands offer evergreen styles that don’t disappear after a season. Often, big box apparel stores will change the fabric, colors, or fit, which makes it challenging to rely on those designs. City Threads’ goal is to keep products consistent as much as possible, bringing them back year after year. Therefore, when your kids find something they love, even if they grow out of it, you can count on finding a replacement. Everyone – men, women and kids – needs basics to depend on, designs that you can always get renewed when they wear out or you need a new size.

When you find the best basic clothing brand for your family, it’s a weight off your shoulders.

Basic Clothing Helps The Person Stand Out Instead Of A Brand Name In today’s world of neverending options, the majority of clothing is plastered with brand names and prints. However, these additions can sometimes distract from the man, woman or child actually wearing the clothing. The best basic clothing accentuates the person, instead of focusing on a brand name, character, or design – this places the focus on who is wearing the clothing, not the clothing details.

Know The Company You’re Supporting More and more shoppers are finding it important to understand the values of the companies they invest in. It’s important to ask questions to a brand before you decide they are your go-to for basic clothing. We recommend finding brands that allow you to support your local community and economy, especially since we as customers buy more from an essentials clothing line. City Threads is all made in Los Angeles, CA, supporting the local garment industry, so you can feel good each time you go back to reup on basic clothing for the whole family.

Boys in tee shirts and fleece shorts basic clothing for kids

Finding that line that offers reliable, consistent, quality apparel is a game changer. Then, whenever you need a new size, a specific color, or a replacement style, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.