The Ultimate Packing List for Sleep Away Camp

  • 1 min read

You’re sending your child off into the woods, literally, for a sleep away camp adventure they will hopefully remember with the kind of fondness reserved for pets and holidays. To prepare them with more than labeled clothes, from color wars to s’mores, consider their daily activities and needs so they will be cared for even if you’re not there.

Check with your camp on any specific needs. For instance, some camps provide towels and do not allow vitamins unless they are submitted to the nurse. We also recommend packing with your child so they understand all the items and if they have any questions on their use. For instance, this is a good time to review how to use dental floss or make a bed.

Standard packing list for sleep away camp:



Versatile blanket

Twin sheets (2 flat, 2 fitted)

Pillow and 2 cases

Sleeping bag

Flashlight and batteries

Shower caddy and fill with:






Sunscreen for face and body




2 sweatshirts or sweater

8-10 shirts

8-10 shorts

12 pairs of socks

10 sets of underwear

Sleepwear: Pajamas or T-shirts and boxers

Terry bath robe

1 pair of flip flops/waterproof shower sandals

2 pairs of sneakers

3-4 bathing suits

2 rash guards

1 set of dressier clothes for an event


Books and games

Water bottle

Sporty sunglasses

Baseball hat

Paper or stationery with stamps

Stuffed animal

LED string lights or flare for your bunk (with blue tack)


Hand sanitizer/Wipes

Leave at Home:

Cell phone

Extra clothes