Top 10 Tips On How To Choose Comfortable Clothes For Boys

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Boy having fun outdoors in comfortable 100% cotton athletic pants and tee shirt from City Threads

As parents, we always want to ensure our kids have the things they need to feel like themselves. Clothes are a huge part of our identity – but it’s not all about how they look.

The way clothes fit and feel also largely affect how our kids interact with the world. 

For all the boy parents out there, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips on how to choose comfortable clothes for boys. Every child is undoubtedly different, but there are key elements to watch for that can help ensure your boy is wearing clothes that work for them on a daily basis.

Boy jumping for joy in his comfortable school clothing.

There are key elements to watch for that can help ensure your boy is wearing clothes that work for them on a daily basis.

Boy feeling comfortable in his fleece joggers from City Threads Kids.

Comfort Comes First.
Young boys are often very active – whether they move a lot or like to sit and read books, comfort in what they wear is key. The more comfortable your kids are, the happier they will be.

Clothes They Can Move In.
Kids clothing can be restrictive or confining. Find clothes your boy can move in. Whether or not your kids are interested in sports, being able to move around easily in their clothes is key to playing with friends. If your kids wear school uniforms, choose alternative brands that offer softer versions of the school’s required styles.

Kids Like Ease In Clothing.
Ensure that the clothing isn’t too challenging to get on and off, and doesn’t have too many extra elements. Young kids really love the ease of clothing, and being able to easily dress themselves. 

Basic Styles Provide Versatility.
Sometimes clothes can get over-complicated. Think simplicity in design when choosing clothes for your boy, because basic styles offer extra versatility, allowing the clothes to be worn from school to play to lounging. This means the apparel will get much more use in your kids’ wardrobes.

Find Their Favorite Styles, Get Them In Many Colors. As mentioned, every kid is different. Once your child finds their favorite styles, order them in multiple colors. This ensures your kids can mix up their outfits but with the stability and familiarity of their favorite styles.

Choose High-Quality, Durable Materials.
From running around outside to rolling in the grass, boys can be hard on clothes. It’s key to choose high-quality materials with minimal shrinkage that will not only stand up to your kids’ wear and tear, but also to the washing machine.

Reach For 100% Cotton Or 100% Organic Cotton.
With all the movement involved in kids’ days, it’s important to choose breathable fabrics. Reach for 100% Cotton or 100% Organic Cotton apparel – not only are these fabrics breathable, they are also easy to care for and can easily be washed and dried in the machines.

Search For Clothes That Offer Simplicity In Fit.
Fit is one of the factors that can be challenging when searching for clothing online. Choose knit fabric styles such as jersey, fleece and baby rib that are flexible, and also choose pull-up bottoms with fully elastic waistbands. The fit process is easier because the fabrics are more expensive, and it allows kids to wear the styles longer as they grow.

Think Quality Over Quantity.
Often, our culture values quantity over quality today. This is a reminder to flip that on its head and focus on choosing quality over quantity. Choose styles that are made from natural materials and that are made in the U.S.A. Remember that you get more value from items that last longer and are worn more often.

Remember That Hand-Me-Downs Are Awesome. Kids grow quickly, and before you know it, they will grow out of their clothes and be moving onto the next size. Connect with your community to receive hand-me-downs from others and to share hand-me-downs with them once your kids move onto the next size.

Boy standing on bridge wearing a zip up hoodie and fleece pants.

Whatever you’re searching for in boys clothes for your kids, City Threads has a diverse offering of styles that meet the mark on all of the tips above. Being parents of 3 boys, we designed a lot of our styles based on the challenges that we’ve faced finding clothing for our own kids.

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.