What Clothing Should I Buy For My Kids To Attend Waldorf School?

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With the increase in access to Waldorf-inspired education, many parents are asking questions about how to prepare their children to attend these schools.

Not familiar with Waldorf education? Founded in the early 20th century by world-renowned artist and scientist Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf education aims to inspire life-long learning and self-reliance in kids through a focus on imagination and creativity.  

One big question that comes up for parents is - what clothing or gear should I buy for my kids to wear to Waldorf school?

Not only are most parents trying to understand the Waldorf dress code, they’re also searching for stores that offer styles that fit their philosophy. Here’s why City Threads’ clothes are aligned with the Waldorf dress code: 

  1. Waldorf Dress Code: Clothing Should Be Free Of Images, Words, Characters & Logos
    The primary Waldorf dress code is focused on ensuring children wear clothing that is free of images, words and logos. This reduces distractions and allows kids to fully be in their elements as children. City Threads’ focus on solid colored 100% cotton apparel aligns beautifully with the Waldorf dress code.

  2. Waldorf Dress Code: Clothing Can Be Solid & Colorful; No Black Clothing
    Some Waldorf schools advocate for young children to avoid wearing the color black based on Waldorf color theory that aligns it as an intellectual color more suited for high school students or adults. With this Waldorf dress code theory in mind, City Threads is a go-to for all the colorful basics your kids need for this educational environment. We have a large variety of colors in many styles, and upwards of 25 colors in some styles, such as our 100% cotton leggings.

  3. Waldorf Dress Code: Simple Well-Fitting Modest Clothing
    Waldorf schools emphasize that children should wear simple well-fitting clothes that are not baggy or revealing, to ensure they don’t interfere with kids’ ability to do things on their own at school.

Whether your toddler, child or teenager is attending Waldorf school, City Threads has an array of styles that fit the dress code.

From solid colorful tees and well-fitting 100% cotton pants to 100% cotton dresses and leggings, our styles will simplify the process of building a Waldorf school wardrobe.

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.