What To Look For In Kids Underwear

  • 2 min read

Years ago, when we were searching for underwear for our first son, we chose a Thomas The Train option, because that was his favorite character. A theme that continues today – kids underwear have been commercialized and designed to showcase all the famous children’s characters.

But what we quickly discovered was that those Thomas The Train undies were not made with comfort in mind. Instead, the fabric was rough and scratchy, the elastic was exposed, and the leg holes were stiff. Basically – these undies were awful, and above all, very uncomfortable for our son.

While those cute characters may initially capture your attention or entice your kids to get excited about potty training, they won’t help in the long run. When we’re thinking about longevity, it’s important that underwear are built for comfort.

Experiences like this led us to design City Threads underwear with an attention to several of these details. While our underwear might not feature your child’s favorite character, you can most likely find their favorite color.

Here’s what we suggest you look for in kids underwear:

  • Super soft, durable cotton fabric
    • Not all cotton is created equal, so searching for softer options is key
    • Cotton also boasts great breathability
  • A fabric enclosed elastic waistband
    • This ensures maximum comfort for your kids
  • Flexible leg holes
    • It’s important to think about the flexibility of the leg holes, to ensure they are comfortable and support your child in movement and play

In the end, kids want to be comfortable – by helping provide them with comfy garments, you give them a greater opportunity to welcome learning, playing and enjoying the moments. Because if you think about it – we’re all more excited about life when we’re comfortable.

Written by: City Threads Co-founders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis