City Threads Code Of Conduct

*this has been signed by all manufacturing partners in Los Angeles, CA

Our intention is to play a small role in shifting the fashion industry toward a more sustainable direction, as laid out on the City Threads Responsibility Page. As we continue to discover the impacts that fashion has on people and the planet, we are dedicated to supporting our local manufacturing ecosystem in Los Angeles, while making responsible decisions. Transparency has become a driving force for our brand – in materials and manufacturing processes – and we strive to share as much information with our customers as possible, to ensure they are clear on the process behind our styles. 

With this approach in mind, we acknowledge that every product we make has a social and environmental impact. As a brand, we are committed to supporting the people who make our clothes, as well as the ecosystems our operations affect. Our Supplier Code of Conduct plays an integral role in ensuring a successful follow-through on this commitment.

Background / Context

The City Threads Supplier Code of Conduct lays out the requirements we have for ourselves and our suppliers, and was largely developed from fellow brand Nisolo’s framework, which was inspired by the Social International Accountability 8000 standard, “an auditable certification standard that encourages organizations to develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.”

We are committed to applying our Code of Conduct across all of our operations, which is why we monitor our suppliers by way of frequent onsite visits. While audits are not yet a part of our operations, we plan to build this into our protocol over the next few years. If we determine a supplier is not complying with any of the requirements in our Code of Conduct, we require corrective action.

Code Compliance

All City Threads suppliers are subject to implementing this Code of Conduct and applicable laws into their business practices, and submit to verification and monitoring.

Employment Relationship

Suppliers shall implement policies and employment conditions that respect workers and guarantee their rights under local, national, and international labor and social security laws and regulations.


Suppliers may not discriminate against its employees during any stage of the employment relationship on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, political opinion, union affiliation, social group, marital status, pregnancy or any other classification protected by local, national, and international law.

Harassment or Abuse

Suppliers are required to treat all employees with respect and dignity. No employee shall be subject to physical, psychological, verbal harassment or abuse or to monetary fines as a disciplinary practice.

Grievance Mechanisms

Suppliers must have a system in place for workers to share grievances. Workers have the freedom to escalate grievances up to City Threads without fear of retaliation, and City Threads is committed to working with suppliers to address and solve the root cause of the grievance and support remediation proportionate to the scale and significance of the impact. 

Forced Labor

Suppliers must not use involuntary or forced labor, whether indentured, bonded, prison or labor obtained through slavery or human trafficking. Workers must not be required to lodge deposits or identity papers upon commencing employment with the supplier.

Child Labor

Suppliers must not employ anyone under the age of 18.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Suppliers must respect workers’ rights to form and join labor unions, and bargain collectively. 

Health and Safety

Suppliers must provide their workers with a safe, healthy and clean working environment. All employees must receive the appropriate training for their position and protection to avoid workplace accidents.

Hours of Work

Employees shall be allowed at least 24 consecutive hours of rest in every seven-day period. All overtime work shall be consensual and free from reprisal if declined. 

Wages & Benefits

Wages paid for a standard workweek must meet the legal and industry standards.


We ask all suppliers to commit to identifying and reducing their environmental impact. We encourage suppliers to treat their wastewater, and recommend measuring resource consumption (water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.) and implementing renewable energy sources.

Remediation and Continuous Improvement

Suppliers are expected to take necessary corrective actions to resolve any noncompliance and strive for continuous improvement. City Threads reserves the right to terminate business relationships with any supplier who is unwilling or unable to comply with its Code of Conduct.

By signing below, you agree to implement this Code of Conduct and applicable laws into your business practices as well as to submit to verification and monitoring.