5 Reasons Why Our Boys Swim Liner Is A Game Changer

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Anyone else out there ever cut the liner out of a pair of swim trunks? The scenario is far too familiar for us – you purchase swim trunks, and immediately, upon arriving home, you proceed to cut out the “built-in liner” in the shorts because your child (or husband) always complains about how the liner is “itchy” or “uncomfortable”.

For us, this didn’t make sense – we didn’t see the logic in purchasing something brand new, when we would knowingly cut them up before they were even worn. So, when designing our swim trunks, we decided to just take the liner out of the equation. All of our swim trunks are made liner-less (if you’re going to cut them out anyways, what’s the point?).

However, there still remains the question of what to wear under the trunks or boardshorts. Some of the options we have heard over the years are cotton boxer briefs, swim briefs or compression shorts.

Considering that none of these really checked all the boxes for us, we took it upon ourselves to create something that really works – a rash-free solution to wear underneath any swim trunks or boardshorts. Basically, a separate liner that’s made to help kids stay comfy, so they can have more fun in the water!

Here’s 5 reasons why our swim liner is truly a game changer –

1. Wear It With Any Suit. The best part about our swim liners is that you can wear them with any suit (City Threads or from any brand).

2. Comfort. Made of a polyester/spandex blend, our swim liner is very stretchy, soft and lightweight, resulting in a comfortable and supportive fit. This fabric is way more comfortable than any of the mesh fabrics you might encounter in a built-in liner.

3. Boxer Brief Style. The boxer brief style offers more space, comfort and support, and grips lower on the thighs, as opposed to the brief style liner which grips higher on the thighs and can be less comfortable.

4. Not Tight Around Legs. As opposed to compression shorts, our swim liner is stretchy, making the leg holes comfortable, and not tight or pinchy.

5. Quick Drying. Our swim liners are easy to rinse and hang dry overnight. Their quick drying capability makes them a great option for multi-use purposes like camp or vacation. For those who have been wearing cotton underwear underneath swim trunks, this alleviates the problem of the underwear staying wet after swimming and causing rashes.

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.