A Compassionate Community

  • 2 min read
We’ve worked for 17 years trying to find the best fabrics and styles, making the fit of our clothing as comfortable as possible. Our satisfaction comes from knowing what we send out into the world is making kids’ days more comfortable, and parents’ lives easier by finding clothes that their kids love.

Our ability to make our contribution has only been made possible by the alliances we have made, with our great and dedicated employees, our sewing contractors, our local fabric knitters, and the companies, suppliers and people in every step of the production chain, who have tirelessly worked to help us make and ship consistently great quality clothing. When we step back and look at the big picture, to appreciate all the human care going into the work of our company, we realize we are part of a large community, sharing concern for each other’s and our customers’ well-being. When we as owners see that dedication, we can’t help but feel gratitude, which inspires us to do our best to take care of those that give so much to the company.

Likewise, our customers: parents, family members, and caretakers of all kinds, are showing care and compassion every day for the children they love, part of which involves shopping endlessly to find clothing that works for their kids. When they discover our clothing and the comfort that it brings the children they love, and come to trust us to deliver, season after season, with the same integrity of product and service, it becomes a synergistic cycle of satisfaction, and feeds us with purpose and drive to deliver again and again.

That is why our intention is to continue to create and sustain this beautiful network of care and concern that exists, between all of our loyal customers, our workers, and all who we are connected with us, which we call a Compassionate Community. We hope that in your experiences with us, you feel part of this network.