Face Mask - Wear & Care Instruction

  • 2 min read

Hello Customers,

Here's our advice for wear and care for your 100% cotton reusable non-medical facemask.

1) WASHING & DRYING: These are machine washable and dryable. We suggest wash cold, tumble dry low. However, this fabric is pre-laundered, so there should be minimal if any shrinkage after washing and drying. We do recommend separating colors as you would with normal laundry.

2) PUTTING ON: Here's a Step by Step Instruction:

Step 1: Find the front and back. The front has 2 lines of stitching around the edges, the back has a more visible chain stitch. The backside will be against your face. (NEED PICS)

Step 2: Find the top and bottom. If you lay the mask face up flat on a table, you will see a tenting of fabric popping up on one side. The tent is the side for your nose(see pic). Also you will see a where the binding around the ear loops connect.(PIC)

Step 3: Put the bottom of the mask over your chin, then lay the top of the mask over your nose (PIC)

Step 4: Put one ear loop on, and move hair to the side if necessary, then put the other loop on in same fashion

Step 5: Adjust mask on face and ears until comfortable

3) FIT: These masks are a bit like jeans. They will stretch and form to your head with time. The fabric is a soft knit baby rib, which has some stretch but still firm, and the ear loops have a clear elastin in them which allows for stretch, while still holding its shape. After wash, they may compact a little, but they should shortly stretch out to the previous fit.

The Face: The face should fit snugly against the skin around the chin, nose and cheeks, with a small pocket of room to breathe between your nose and mouth. There will be a slight opening for air on the sides of your nose, that is fine. These are non-medical masks, they don't need to be air-tight.

The Ears: The ear loop is made to stay on. At first it may pull on your ears a little. Give it some time to slowly stretch to your ears and face. If you are wearing it for an extended period, you can stretch the ear loops out slightly and readjust for comfort as you wear it. If the ears continue to be uncomfortable, contact us.