Celebrate The 4th of July In Style

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When we think of the 4th Of July, we instantly visualize red, white and blue all around.

When we think of the 4th Of July, we instantly visualize red, white and blue all around. It can be fun to dress the part, and we want to help your kids get creative with their own festive outfits. 

From 4th Of July DIY ideas to color-aligned styles from our collection.

Here’s some cool options to help your kids put together a dazzling red, white and blue look for the holiday happenings.

1. Star Swim Shorts + Rashguards You can’t go wrong with stars. Pair our red, white and blue Star Swim Shorts with a White Rashguard, and you’ll have the perfect poolside look.

2. Hats Whatever you pair it with – a red or blue hat can top off any 4th Of July look. Ours also provide great sun protection, with their UPF 50+ rating.

3. Girls One-Piece Swimsuit If you’re headed to the beach, reach for our OEKO-TEX certified red or blue one-piece swimsuit. We even have a red and white polka dot option for the kids who like to truly embrace the flair.

4. Dresses + Bike Shorts Whatever festivities you and your family have planned, the dress + bike shorts pairing is a win-win. Comfortable, cool, and breathable, this 100% cotton set sets your kids up for a fun and relaxing holiday.

5. Boys Shorts + Tee
While it may seem basic, your kids can have fun with the classic shorts + tee pairing. Let them choose the shades of red, white or blue they want to couple for their 4th Of July fit.

6. DIY Tie Dye
When school’s out, we as parents are searching nonstop for all the activities to keep our kids engaged. Have fun with our Tie Dye Collection – it’s all ready for dying; you can check out our How To Tie Dye blog to get started.

7. Fabric Paint With A Star Stamp 
Turn your kids’ 4th Of July outfits into a fun crafting experience. Start with our blank white styles as your canvas, and decorate with red and blue stars! This blog from Pop Shop America gives you all the tips to make and paint with your own star stamp.

Written by: Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.