Colorful & Cute Girls Cotton Dresses For Spring & Summer

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Girls in cute colorful cotton dresses in a field of grass

In the spring and summer months, dresses are a go-to look for girls of all ages, from when they’re little all the way to the teen years.

Not only are they a one-and-done outfit, they offer comfort, breathability, and versatility – especially when you find a great 100% cotton dress. 

City Threads offers an array of dress styles for girls, with a focus on colorful options. Whether you’re looking for a dress for school, play, Easter, semi-formal events, or lounging, you can find dresses in all the colors of the rainbow – all of them made in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A., using locally knit and dyed cotton fabric. Cotton dresses can also be a great option for kids with sensitivities or allergies. 

Girl eating an ice cream cone in a tank dress.

Learn more about some of our most popular colorful, cotton dress styles –

1. Girls Soft Cotton Jersey Short Or Long Sleeve Twirly Dress

Who doesn’t love a dress that was made for twirling? The 100% Cotton Twirly Dress is super-soft and comes in both a short and long sleeve dress version. Find this dress in colorful options or a classic black or white. Pair it with a crown for a fun princess dress look. This and our other cotton dresses are great for girls with sensitivities and allergies.

2. Girls Soft Cotton Jersey Short Or Long Sleeve Tiered Dress

For the kids who like a little extra flair, the Tiered Dress is a wonderful option. Offered in both a long and short sleeve version, the Cotton Tiered Dress is super cute and stylish – with so many colorful options, your girl can find this dress in their favorite color.

3. Girls Soft Cotton Long Sleeve Baby Rib Dress

The Girls Cotton Long Sleeve Dress features an A-line shape and provides a relaxed, comfortable fit that easily translates across activities. This is a perfect dress for girls little to teen-aged, and works well for everyday wear, camps, play and school. Find it in blue, red, pink, and many more color variations.  

4. Girls Soft Cotton Camisole Dress

For the warmer days in the spring or summer months, reach for the Girls Camisole Dress. This is a popular style with teen girls, but is super comfortable for little girls as well. Designed with a small comfortable shoulder strap and loose A-line shape, the Camisole Dress can help keep your kids cool, while allowing them to have fun styling a cute, cotton dress.

A dress is an ideal staple design to incorporate into your kids’ spring and summer wardrobes.

If your girls like to wear them, they offer so much comfort and versatility. With diverse options, a dress allows girls of all ages to get dressed quickly and easily. If you have a little girl, a teen girl, or both, our styles are flexible and good for kids of all ages. At the same time, if they like to play dress up with their clothes or pretend to be a princess, a dress is a perfect base to add on their own personal style with other layers.

Give your girls the chance to choose their favorite colorful dress styles, so they can love and live in them. 

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.