Decorating the Christmas Tree

  • 1 min read

Decorating our Christmas tree is one of my absolute favorite days. I love our tree decorating tradition. I always make hot cocoa and we slowly decorate our tree while snacking on treats in the morning. 

We always get the tree set up at least a day before our decorating day (otherwise it feels way too overwhelming) so in the morning we can just concentrate on doing one day of decorating.

And I love classic pajamas for the perfect festive feel! We love ones from City Threads. They are so soft and comfy (the kids always say how comfy they are!) and I love that they have all over solid colors. They are perfect for the whole family to wear and I love that they have all the sizes. That means all the kids can wear matching ones!

I love how they look together and feel so festive with the pops of red. Something about decorating in pajamas feels extra cozy, right?

These sweet days are made of memories I hope I always remember. 

Blog: Melissa Phillipchalk