Shopping for Girls Clothing

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I grew up with only brothers, and wore lots of blue and ninja turtle themed clothing. Circumstantially, you could say I was a bit of a tom boy. It was probably the tom boy in me, but when I found out my firstborn was a girl, I promised I wouldn't default to always putting her in pink. I purposefully purchased neutral colored furniture, toys, and blankets for her. I didn't want to default to what society expected her to wear - I wanted her to be the one to choose what colors and styles she liked for herself. The older she has gotten, she has had the opportunity to pick her own clothing. Some days she wants to wear purple unicorn with sparkles, the next she is all about Spider-man. It's important to me that she has the opportunity to express herself through her clothing choices, and I look forward to seeing both of my girls' personalities come through with their clothing choices as they get older. 

All this being said, its been quite a process finding places to purchase girls clothing that offer quality, comfort, and diverse color and style options. Solid colored everyday wear has become a staple for my girls' wardrobes. It's practical and can most easily be dressed up or down. 

We recently discovered City Threads, and it has checked all the boxes for us! I've become one of those moms dressing her daughters in matching outfits (guilty as charged!), and appreciate knowing that they are in quality and versatile clothing. I also value the importance of supporting local businesses, and also love that their clothing is all made in the U.S.A.!


Written By: Sarah


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