Matching Outfit Ideas For The Annual Family Photo

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With the holidays around the corner, many folks are planning their annual family photo.

It can sometimes feel daunting to find matching outfit ideas for the whole family. To help you sort through the clothing idea details, we caught up with long-time family photographer Liz Lonky, to get her take on how to prepare for this year’s portrait.

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Here’s some of her tips to find the best matching outfit combo for your family photos –

Have Fun Prepping The Matching Outfits As Liz says, “I always tell my families to have fun preparing their wardrobe for their sessions.” Finding the right matching family outfit is a vital part of the process, but remember to try to enjoy the process to find the best matching clothing.

Keep Comfort In Mind For The Picture Choose your family outfit with comfort in mind. As Liz says, “if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, this will translate easily into the vibe of images”. Whatever outfits you choose, make sure they feel good, so the photo can easily highlight the beauty of your family.

Less Is More For The Picture – Avoid Clothing With Logos And Patterns For a family photo, avoid clothes with logos and excessive patterns. Choose clothing without logos and patterns, so the focus of the photo can be on the faces of your family!  

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Consider Color Choice & Environment For The Matching Outfits "Consider which colors work best in each location”. If you want a neutral look for your family’s outfits, think about ways to add a few pops of color in the clothing – have the smallest family members wear colorful shirts, or add a colorful scarf or necklace. 

Photo Clothing Color Tips:

  • For beach locations, opt for shades of blue, white and orange or shades of blue, white and yellow/gold.
  • For garden or park locations, choose off whites, browns, oranges and reds.
  • For more of a holiday or Christmas look, red, black and white can be fun.

Bring Extra Outfit Options As parents, we know that it’s easy for kids to get messy. Always bring extra outfit options for the whole family – clothing can easily get wet or dirty during a photo shoot. It’s always better to be safe than sorry for your family portrait session.

Whether your family photo session is taking place during the summer, winter or spring, preparation is key. Take the time to search for matching outfit ideas ahead of time, so you can have the clothing ready, and focus on enjoying the photo shoot. City Threads offers an array of colors and comfortable styles to help you find the best matching looks for your family’s next picture.

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.