Potty Training Tips & Toddler Underwear To Help Start The Process

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Potty training a toddler can be one of those projects that parents avoid until the last minute.

It can feel overwhelming and often, parents don’t know how to start. Being a kids brand, run by parents, City Threads has a lot of experience with the potty training process. 

One of the first questions we regularly hear is – when is my toddler ready to start potty training?

Here’s some signs that your little might be ready:

  • Your toddler likes to have independence and do things on their own.
  • Your child doesn’t like the feeling of a wet diaper.
  • Your child tells you when they go to the bathroom.
Father and daughter talking about potty training

When your toddler starts to get curious about potty training, what should you do? Here’s some tips to help set your kids up for success –

Prepare The House With A Little Potty A great way to start is to purchase a kids toilet. Involve your child in the process of choosing a tiny toilet – add it to the bathroom. Then, they can start getting curious about it and familiarizing themselves with it.

Watch For Signs, Be Patient, And Allow Your Child To Guide You The more ready your child is to actually ditch the diapers, the easier the potty training process will be. Watch for some of the signs above in your 2-4 year old, and tune into how interested your toddler really is in exploring the potty, instead of their diapers. 

Stock Up On Toddler Potty Training Underwear Next, prepare with a selection of toddler potty training undies for your boy or girl. Our Training Underwear for boys and girls is super soft, easy to pull up and down, and can help with absorption when accidents happen in the transition. We also offer various Diaper Covers, including organic options, for your baby before they reach the potty training stage.

City Threads kids underwear collection was actually born out of the frustrations of the toddler potty training underwear available in the market. When the founders were potty training their kids, most options were character underwear that were scratchy and uncomfortable, and that didn’t motivate kids to get potty trained. City Threads designs their underwear with super soft 100% cotton or organic cotton, a cotton enclosed waistband, and a soft tag that can be cut out if needed. Also, their underwear are available in all the colors of the rainbow so your kids can find their favorite hues.

Boys and Girls Training Underwear
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We designed these training underwear to be both absorbent and comfortable.
Boys Soft-Cotton Briefs
These are super-soft, and feature a fabric-covered elastic waistband, which provides maximum comfort all day long.
Girls Organic Cotton Brief
This 100% Organic Cotton Girls Brief is a favorite comfortable everyday basic for girls, made from GOTS-certified organic cotton yarn.
Boys Organic Boxer Briefs Seconds
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This 100% Cotton Baby Rib Solid Colored Boys Boxer Brief with contrast stitching is a best seller from our popular underwear collection.

Acknowledge Accidents But Don’t Dwell On Them When learning anything new, accidents will happen. It’s always important to discuss them with your toddler to ensure they understand, but then quickly move on from that, focusing on the positive.

Celebrate The Wins Along The Way & Try To Have Fun With It When your child succeeds in reaching the potty, celebrate it and remind them that you’re proud of them. Also, try to have a little fun with the process – some parents suggest a potty song to sing while getting used to using the toilet.

Be Patient With The Process Potty training isn’t a linear task – welcome the adventure and try to be patient. Your toddler is going through a lot of new changes and adjusting to different routines; it’s always helpful to give them grace along the way. 

Boy potty training with city threads boxer briefs

While potty training may feel daunting to parents, having the tools to prepare yourself for it can help make the transition a lot easier for you and your toddler. Have fun with the potty training process and celebrate this exciting new stage in your toddler’s life!

Written by: City Threads Cofounders Shayna Samuels & Joe Willis, and Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of the Conscious Chatter podcast.