Potty Training with City Threads - organic undies

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Potty training a toddler and interested in a safe, healthier, and organic product list of potty training supplies? Here’s your survival guide with everything you’ll need including “non toxic” cleaners, GOTS organic underwear, healthier treat/ reward options and more!

I’m currently finishing up the process of potty training my little boy, and it’s been…fun. lol Lots of accidents, laundry, and running around with no pants on. haha These products have been life savers for me though! Hope it helps you too!

I’m going to be honest, there’s not a whole lot of research out there that I know of studying the typical chemically treated clothing and how that affects the skin/private parts it touches or those chemicals it was treated with potentially off-gassing. There’s some regarding links to it irritating eczema, but that’s about it. That’s my disclaimer before I say, my first preference, especially for kids, would still be organic underwear! (I’m just making it clear, that’s rooted in over caution, not necessarily sound research lol) At the very least, your chances of having a skin reaction or potential rash is far lower, and it’s undoubtedly lowering (even if by a little) their “toxic load” and exposure overall. (which is even more important for children because their bodies can handle a lot less than an adults) It’s unfortunate that true organic underwear is so pricey, so if you’re able to do that, wonderful! If not, don’t be too worried about it!

With that said, not all brands that claim “organic” cotton are equal! I personally only trust the GOTS organic third party certification because it provides set standards and accountability to brands. OEKO-TEX is also a good certification, and it’s even better if a brand has both! I landed on  City Threads organic underwear because it’s GOTS certified, and a privately owned USA based company with stricter standards for all their clothing they sell, not just organic!

I got both their boxer briefs and briefs in various colors, and I especially love how soft they are!! (I also got my girl a pair or 2 of their panties and they’ve become her favorite because they are the softest around the edges/ leg holes which she is growing increasingly particular about!) Overall they have washed well, held their color, and they are pretty thick and good quality feeling! No smell to them right out of the packaging!

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Blog written by Meredith @cleanlivingmom