The Versatality of Comfort

  • 3 min read

When we talk about the comfort of clothing, we rarely link thefeeling of ease withversatility. But comfort really allows something to be worn over and over again (because you WANT to wear it). Given the right style, comfort can be a driver to re-imagine a garment for an array of purposes.

Often society tells us that in order to *look the part*, we must endure discomfort to get there. “No pain, no gain,” right? At City Threads, we believe that comfort is the true driver of gain – because for us, the benefits of comfort set you up for success, so you can feel good wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Here are some of the ways City Threads offers both comfort & versatility for your kids –

  1.  School Clothes Can Also Be Comfy Home Clothes.
    Do you connect with the feeling of wanting to instantly jump into your sweatpants when you get home, because your *work clothes* aren’t comfy enough to relax in? We think it doesn’t have to be this way. Whatever you wear to work or school canalso be considered your *comfy home clothes*. Here’s some examples of styles that easily transition between the two, while also looking the part:

  • 2. You Don’t Always Have To Wear *Athletic Gear* To Get Active.
    There’s often an expectation that we have to change into our “workout clothing” before we can get active. This comes with needing to get into styles that are more comfortable and allow for a greater ease of mobility. For us, we believe that being able to comfortably move around your day (even when you’re not playing sports or getting active), makes everyday life better. While people often think that synthetics are needed in athletics, we believe otherwise. Cotton can be a great option for active wear, offering flexibility and breathability – plus, some of our cotton styles have UPF 50+ sun protection, as well. Here’s some styles that you can wear straight out of school and out onto the field:
    3. Pants Don’t Have To Be *Hard* To Be Professional.
    There are a lot of assumptions around how pants should be, in order to be acknowledged as appropriate for school, work, orlegitimately professional (whatever that means). We stand behind the belief that pants don’t have to be *hard* to be considered appropriate or “professional”. Several of our styles come in fabrics you may typically find in sweatpants, but the cut is classic, and easily bodes well for work or school environments. Imagine how much easier it is to learn and focus, when you’re actually comfortable in your clothes! Here’s some fan favorites:
    4. You Don’t Need A *New Outfit* For A Holiday.
    Often, holiday outfits are itchy and uncomfortable. Remember that you don’t need a new outfit for every holiday. If you set your kids up with a base of classic comfies, they can easily translate to dinner for any holiday that you celebrate. These styles work well for school, a performance, a nice dinner or holiday gathering.

    Re-imagining how we think about our clothes, as well as how we buy them, can help add longevity to our wardrobes – from a sustainability perspective, but also from a financial one. Less is more, love what you have, and wear it often.

    Written by: Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of theConscious Chatter podcast.