Trusted By Parents & Kids

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As marketing gets more and more performative, it can be hard to weed through all the noise that’s continuously telling you that you *need this* or *need that*. In all reality, this  more, more more sentiment goes against what we stand for – for us, it’s about making quality clothes that kids want to wear on repeat.
One of the ways we like to articulate this is by saying that City Threads is TRUSTED BY PARENTS & KIDS. But, we never want to make statements without having the evidence to back it up.
So, we’ve paired some of our messaging alongside our shoppers’ feedback, so you can get authentic insight, straight from the source. :)

Our styles are soft and comfy, so even the most picky kids will love them.

“They are so soft and very well made. We have been buying this brand for our boys for 5 years now and we love them. Worth the money!”
“City Threads is my go-to brand for my comfort loving child: she hates anything scratchy on her body, and these are definitely not scratchy. And they are organic!” -NorNorNor
“These are PERFECT for my son who has severe eczema and needs cotton pants to wear everywhere. They fit perfectly, they’re comfy, he loves them and that’s huge. Going to order more soon!!”

We’ve built our designs with versatility in mind – we make staples that can easily go from casual to dressed up. 

“Super comfy short, great for lounging, wearing under skirts or dresses, or activities. My daughter loves these and wears them all the time. They come in a nice range of pretty colors and hold up very well. We will continue to buy these shorts. Wish they’d make them in grown up sizes.”
“My kids love these leggings. Whether it's cold or hot outside, these leggings are the most comfortable for my kids. They are also easy for them to self-dress. It would be great if these came in adult sizes! I'd wear them!”
“Love the dress! Fits perfectly and comfy. You can dress it up or down for any occasion. Really cute dress.” -Johanna

When it comes to sustainability, making styles that last is a big priority for us. We make quality threads that can hold up to both kids and the washing machine.

“These are great quality! After about 6 months of constant use in the rotation, they are holding up better than any of the other underpants we got. They have not faded, no stretched elastic, my son likes the fit.”
“I have ordered these time and time again. The fabric is very soft, the fit is perfect and they wash really well. EXCELLENT QUALITY PRODUCT.”
“Soooo soft. This is a well-made shirt and my son loves it. All of the clothes we have bought from City Threads are superior quality and made to last. I would rather spend a bit more for ethical, well-made clothes than waste money buying cheap clothes made in a sweatshop.”
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Written by: Kestrel Jenkins, responsibility consultant & host of theConscious Chatter podcast.